Folding boxes are known for their splendid nature. They can be available in various shapes and sizes according to product requirements. Their folding feature makes them easier to assemble. Most companies and brands approach these kraft or corrugated-based luxury folding cartons due to their dual-factor of protection and elegancy for a product.


The folding carton is generally made up of paperboard printed, laminated, cut, and then glued. These cartons are folded according to the required shape as is needed for the product. The packager decides the shape according to the product. It can be printed in various artwork and graphics, then die-cut, creased, folded, and glued.

As a manufacturer of folding cartons, we help a number of a brands display their products in grace by providing the bulk of turnkey folding cartons. This makes their packaging services more appealing and fascinating.

Further, their strong printing themes expand their version more. That’s why, when any company at the beginning of their production ask a reasonable packaging, we always recommend them to use luxury folding boxes.

These packaging encasements also contain various designs, and their outer covering makes them more beneficial.

We use kraft paper, or corrugated material for the production of these boxes. Because these are eco-friendly and biodegradable, which makes packaging more effective and increases its functionality, they are safe materials to promote your product.


Our team deals with durable folding boxes, which increases the security and protection of products more. These boxes make production easy because once they are customized according to the requirement, there is no more toughness left.

The customization of folding cartons sometimes contains a large display window to get insight into the product. It has a display panel. The products that require a bit of display, this style is the best actually for such products. The closures at the back are folded, and the edges in the front are concealed. This is suitable for both types of assembling, either manual or automatic.

People judge them as expensive and high cost due to their name as folding cartons. But these fascinated packaging boxes are cost-effective and user-friendly. We provide an affordable package of folding boxes. They are always highly recommended because their shape and design make them elite, but their cost is less.

Any type of business, including a wholesale dealer, can afford them. A folding carton can also be stored at available places with fragile products inside them; due to their strong nature, they can store products longer.

Maybe you are thinking that folding packaging can only be available in sole shape. Due to these packaging model tensile traits, a kraft or corrugated material can be molded to any shape of the folding container.

Our expert team firstly acknowledges the length and width of a product and then decides what shape would be perfect for the company’s product.


Their name as folding carton is due to their easy to assemble structure. It can grasp the eye of any person because their texture and look are so refined that everyone wants to accommodate them to their packaging services.

We deal in the flexible form of kraft or corrugated folding boxes. This makes the packing of a product more beneficial. They can be transformed into any size and shape according to brand needs and product requirements. Moreover, their creative nature is one of their unique features. You can customize them with different artworks, company logo, and product information.

Due to their flexible nature, folding cartons are user-friendly too. But it does not mean that they are not smooth materials to protect a product. They provide additional security to a product by maintaining a good look at the packaging.

Folding boxes are also resistant to outside hazards, so they keep moisture out of them. Due to kraft or corrugated material, a folding box becomes environment friendly. It can be reusable and save the cost of using it most of the time.


This carton is assembled manually or maybe by automation. The carton is easy to open and close due to friction lock closure on top and a slit lock tuck closure on the bottom. These are convenient to use.

The rectangular folding cartons have a simple and basic construction pattern. This style is used in several high-end multiple packaging systems. They look like either glued or locked side seams.

These are used for packaging sample products. The name implies that the upper lock is used for mailing sample products. It keeps the products safe and ensures the perfect storage and delivery that one requires for their product. The closure is made so that it should withstand and prevent any damage that the product may have a chance to go through. There is a lock tab that further ensures this.

We provide folding cartons made of kraft paper, cardboard and corrugated material. These boxes can be printed, laminated, and cut according to product requirements and brand marketing strategies.

These boxes further can be die-cut and creased, so a folding becomes more reliable. You will find a customized version of the box with the embellishment of artwork and graphical printing. These boxes assist most brands with their ultimate packaging solutions.

Folding cartons are the best packaging products for displaying luxurious products; furthermore, a container is the best promoter for a company and beneficial for advertisement services.

We deal with folding boxes that are less in weight and easy to hold. These small and cute encasements are effective to protect a business’s content and in the form of appealing packaging. They are an advanced form of packaging and are popular among the public and most industries.

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