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Custom Display Boxes: Printed Cardboard Trays and Packaging for Retail Counter Display

Do you want to show your work most elegantly and practically? Cardboard display boxes are the best solution. The dimensions of the display boxes are suitable to place on the counter without causing an obstacle. Despite its size, it offers a lot of scoring potential. With custom display boxes made from cardboard, kraft, and corrugated material, you can attract customers who are specifically targeted.

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Custom-Designed Die-Cut Packaging Boxes

Custom display boxes come in foldable packages and are easy to assemble; these boxes are easy to transport and store. Custom-designed display boxes are perfect for many different uses and specifications. They can be used to place any object inside. Most retailers use these boxes to display small items of different brands. Companies use these display packaging boxes to attract customers to their retail stores.

In addition to product advertisements and branding, retail stores and manufacturers use them for customer retention. Most of the time, we advise our customers to use it for displays. Packaging for display products is usually vast and must support enough weight without losing stability. This is why a display box is the most suitable option for the display, as the material is extremely thick and durable.

Attracting the customer's attention is vital and effortless when you use custom display packaging to showcase your products. Even tiny boxes with exceptionally long lines can be eye-catching at the checkout counter. Cardboard counter display boxes can be an excellent way to introduce new products. Each brand stand has the client's cardboard display box for the accessories and products they want to advertise.

Display Boxes for Product Shipping

Companies use display cases to transport products that should be damaged by liquids or water; they mostly use these boxes to ship food such as chocolates, cookies, and other sweets. A few people use these boxes to transport things with a curved surface that needs protection from damage during shipping.

Advantages of Display Boxes

Display boxes protect goods by allowing them to breathe and allowing liquids to pass through, enabling quick and easy cleaning. It will cover the product inside and remain economical. They are the best option for shipping products as they will keep the product safe while allowing it to breathe to ensure no moisture. They are available in different sizes, shapes, patterns, and designs. Some companies even have their logos stamped on them to let you know where the logo came from when you receive your order this way.

There are a variety of display boxes to choose from. The most commonly used packaging is a counter display box. It is a flat pack and usually only requires some assembly. These boxes come in various designs, colours, and patterns. They can also be purchased with or without flaps that can be used to deliver items with specific shapes and curves.

Printed Display Boxes

At PackagingPrinting, we offer custom-printed display boxes for both large and small items. For items of any size, we offer cardboard boxes in size and dimensions provided by the customer. Customers can see these eye-catching boxes at cash counters and other strategically placed locations and immediately decide to try the product.

Every design used externally is based on the customer's design and instructions. The size and shape depend on the customer's requirements to ensure that their product fits easily in the box and looks stylish. We can design and print display boxes with any design, shade, logo, font, and layout.

We create display boxes with attractive designs, colours, themes, and textures. Every box aspect is decorated with vivid colours, vibrant patterns, and surfaces using numerous stylized options; even simple and elegant designs look modern, innovative, and lively, with a narrative in these designs.

Increase Your Brand's Reputation

Custom display boxes can increase the visibility of your product to people; the product can be seen through the display boxes without opening or removing them. Cosmetic products are usually packed in specially designed display boxes with transparent windows. Food products and other edibles are packaged in display boxes with transparent display cases. The box makes your product more attractive and appealing to attract customers' attention. Cardboard display boxes help to showcase your product and increase your brand's reputation in front of potential customers.

Foldable display boxes are now a simple solution to mount the display without adhesive, saving time and energy. Die-cut windows and transparencies are also available in these displays. These cardboard display boxes are greener because no glue is used to join these boxes together.

Packaging Materials

Custom display boxes can be found in various sizes, styles, and shapes to attract customers. As product safety and security is the top priority for all packaging brands and companies, PackagingPrinting uses the best materials to make the highest quality display boxes. These boxes usually consist of cardboard, kraft, corrugated, sturdy, and long-lasting materials. Distinctive features such as lamination and metallic foils will attract customers' attention and increase their trust in your business.

Ecological Packaging Boxes

In today's world, due to climate change, environmental sustainability is at risk; almost all brands choose eco-friendly materials for their custom packaging boxes. Therefore, a high-quality and durable material such as cardboard will enhance the image of your company and will be light and easy to carry and use. You can purchase eco-friendly custom display boxes from PackagingPrinting that will complement your product and enhance your branding.

Why PackagingPrinting?

The graphics we apply to custom-printed display boxes featuring outstanding print quality will soon become the hallmark of your business. Your display boxes will stand out on retailers' shelves due to their distinctive design and unique style. PackagingPrinting offers economical options and the most suitable choices for your packaging needs.

We offer discounts, free shipping, and free graphic design solutions for our potential customers with various options for beautifying display boxes. So why wait to do it?

Make sure you have a phone handy and dial 0800-368-8567. You can also email us at for any questions or order processes.

How To Order?

We have simplified the online ordering of personalized packaging boxes. Just follow the steps below, and you're on your way to getting your custom packaging within your budget.

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