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Custom Rigid Shipping Boxes

These boxes are an attractive packaging solution; they are used to showcase and ship your luxury products. The feature that sets them apart from other packaging options is their variety of materials. They are made of solid cardboard or chipboard, often covered with a thin material such as paper or fabric. Custom-designed rigid shipping boxes usually provide a great feel of quality and appeal. They are durable, lightweight, and have a fashionable look. You can use them for shipping your product.

Rigid Shipper
Rigid Shipping Box
Custom Rigid Shipping Box
Custom-Printed Rigid Luxury Shipping Boxes
Rigid Shipper
Rigid Shipping Box
Custom Rigid Shipping Box
Custom-Printed Rigid Luxury Shipping Boxes
  • Custom shapes and sizes
  • Upload your own artwork
  • Single/double-sided full-color printing
  • High-Quality sturdy cardboard/chipboard material
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Effectively Convey your Brand Message with Printed Rigid Shipping Boxes

Custom packaging can effectively convey your brand message to the people you want to reach. Because of these advantages, the rigid box is now the preferred choice for companies worldwide.

Have you ever considered what buyers look at when they see your product? It's a box! How you display your product in retail environments is the most important thing to buyers. The brand name is more known when it presents its products designed creatively. Rigid shipping boxes with a unique design help in this regard. They are beautifully and creatively designed to add value to your product. There are various incredible ideas to add sparkle to your rigid packaging. We use complementary colours and beautiful art to enhance your brand value. Packaging can make consumers think they are getting something valuable for their money.

Why Are Rigid Boxes Essential for Shipping?

Today, most products sold at retail are expensive and fragile. This requires a solid box that can protect the products from any pressure during transport. Fragile products require protection against mechanical shocks, humidity fluctuations, and temperature variations that can significantly affect product performance.

Increase the Sales of your Products with Custom-Designed Rigid Shipping Boxes

Unique product packaging is the way to increase the sales of your brand. A packaging design can convey a lot about the product. Custom rigid boxes are a smart packaging option that is widely used nowadays. They offer the best protection for your valuables and add an elegant touch to create an impressive display. Their hinged lids are ideal for providing the best security for your luxury item. Whether you use custom rigid shipping boxes for influencer kits or retail items doesn't matter. Getting your logo or another branding that needs to be done can attract customers. This sets your competition apart.

Design your Shipping Box with Endless Possibilities

The fascinating aspect of using printed rigid shipping boxes is the ability to ship a wide range of goods; they can be used in various industries. You can design your packaging with endless variations of sizes and shapes, materials and colours, printing, and additional accessories. Each package is custom designed to fit your company's specifications. Custom packaging leaves customers satisfied, knowing they have received high-quality products delivered in exquisitely designed boxes.

Discover Unique Ideas for Product Shipping Boxes

PackagingPrinting is among the first packaging companies in the UK, offering every type of packaging, including mailers and shipping boxes used for retail products. The main reason is the unique design choices you can find here. Our team of experts is constantly developing creative ideas to design the perfect packaging solution you need. When it comes to the best custom rigid shipping boxes, customers can choose from many possibilities to play with. These options not only look beautiful but are also affordable. Some fantastic design options include lid boxes with partial lids, magnetic closures, rigid folding window or die-cut boxes, and more! It is also possible to incorporate foam or cardboard inserts, packaging sleeves, or trays into these boxes to increase their value and increase your return on investment.

Cost-Effective Packaging Solution to Increase Your Business Visibility

If you want to increase your business visibility and exposure, the best solution today is our cost-effective custom rigid shipping boxes. Presenting your product and separating them from the competition is essential. This sleek and stylish shipping box can help you win the hearts of your customers and build a lasting connection with your company image. Here, wholesale rigid shipping boxes come with the best add-ons and components. These expensive items are usually packed in lavish boxes to enhance their style. These boxes are made of solid materials and add a layer of protection that meets safety standards.

They make your products easier to transport, provide a better experience when your customer unboxes them, and help keep your brand at the forefront of consumers' minds. For these reasons, the rigid shipping box is quickly becoming popular for businesses worldwide.

Benefits of Custom Rigid Shipping Boxes

Consumers are increasingly demanding their products in stunning packaging to provide a more enjoyable experience. They are even willing to spend more money with brands that invest in state-of-the-art packaging and quality. The benefits that come from custom boxes include:

Create Brand Identity

Using sturdy luxury boxes for packaging boxes is the best way to add glamour to your brand display. They can make your brand name stand out in the crowd and help increase profits for your company.

Add Protection to the Product

This packaging is perfect for shipping due to increased protection. Some containers require external packaging to be transported safely. Using solid boxes removes the stress of delivering your goods in perfect condition. They can withstand the rigours of change without causing any harm to your items. This is why rigid packaging boxes are suitable for delicate things.

Gift Shipper

Rigid gift boxes are trending these days. They enhance the display of the product and help keep the buyers' attention. You can use them many times to bring more excitement to your celebration. These boxes can be personalized to make the recipient smile, whether it be Christmas, New Year, birthday, wedding, or other occasions. You may also consider including beads, ribbons, bows, tags, and other decorations to help them stand out from the crowd.

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How To Order?

We have simplified the online ordering of personalized packaging boxes. Just follow the steps below, and you're on your way to getting your custom packaging within your budget.

Custom Quote
Custom Quote

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Custom Design

The design process is simple; you can send us your artwork or allow us to create an eye-catching box design for your packaging.

Easy and Secure Payment

Once you are satisfied with the proofs, we will send you an invoice to pay for your order. Different payment methods are available!

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