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Custom Mylar Bags

Sturdy, airtight, recyclable — Mylar bags are excellent for you! These bags keep everything fresh and make it look nice. They fit every item because they’re available in bespoke sizes.

Plain Mylar Bag
Custom-Made Mylar Bags
Printed Mylar Bag
Mylar Bag With Your Design and Logo
Plain Mylar Bag
Custom-Made Mylar Bags
Printed Mylar Bag
Mylar Bag With Your Design and Logo
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Why Opt for Our Custom-Printed Mylar Bags?

Best Quality

Made from top-notch material such as high-quality Mylar, these pouches offer unmatched protection against oxygen, moisture and light, extending shelf life.

You Can Customise Them

You are free to express the character of your brand by designing everything yourself – logos full of colour or bright graphics that will make people stop and stare at what you have packaged!

Many Uses

Whether it's snacks, herbs, coffee beans, or even electronics like phones, we've got this covered, too, since different sizes and styles come together under one roof here at PackagingPrinting, which is necessary based on needs alone.

Strong & Trustworthy

Designed not to tear easily, even when pierced, these bags ensure that all its content remains safe throughout storage until transportation is complete.

Environmentally Friendly

We give you an option between recycling, saving trees, and maintaining the same quality as non-recycled materials. At the same time, composting aligns well with eco-system goals, and it is being offered alongside this service, so choose wisely!

Ideal for Various Purposes

Food & Drinks

Ensure flavours remain intact during packaging for later consumption, i.e., snack preservation.

Herbs & Spices

Keep them fresher and longer because our odour-proof bags retain their potency much more than any other type would have done so far.


Protect sensitive gadgets against static electricity discharge caused by atmospheric humidity levels differing vastly over time, which leads to the damage being incurred when using regular plastic covers alone without additional shielding measures taken into account beforehand, may result in failure on the part of device performance itself thus rendering it useless permanently unless repaired again. Still, this time round, use appropriate methods such as applying Mylar bags around it so that no moisture can get inside.

Why Can You Trust Us?

Having worked in the packaging industry for many years, our experience enables us always to provide top-quality products and services. Our team of experts will work closely with you from start to finish, ensuring your expectations are met or even exceeded when customising these particular types of packaging bags.

Make an Order for Your Custom Mylar Bags Today!

Get more value for your money by ordering personalised Mylar bags from us. These bags serve two purposes: marketing tools that promote awareness about freshness preservation and creative designs people can relate to on different levels. Contact us today and share some design concepts and the specifications needed so we may begin working together to enhance brand visibility while keeping everything fresh!