Rigid boxes are usually made of multi-layered cardboard and chipboard. These boxes have a luxurious look and high strength, which allows your company to pack and deliver products with special protection. Whether it is a gift, jewelry or antique item, you can consider these boxes as the best packaging solution for your product.



The key feature of a rigid box is the solid structure that allows you to pack the product without the stress of damaging the product. When we compare the strength quality of a paper box with a rigid box; we will definitely find 10 times more resistance in rigid boxes. According to your instructions and requirements, you can have these boxes manufactured in any shape and size.


Luxury Boxes Color Printing

Many companies require a brand name, text and images printed on the box. The same thing you can do on these boxes, you can have your own artwork printed in any color scheme with a high quality printing results. Discover a good packaging and printing company on the internet to print your boxes in the way you want. When it comes to the appearance of the packaging, you can choose from a wide range of paper to wrap the structure of the rigid box, such as textured paper, matte paper, glossy paper and other paper materials.


Secure Delivery

Are you looking for a robust packaging solution that can help you deliver your product to your customers without damage? Luxury rigid boxes are the right ones for you. Due to their high strength, these boxes can be considered as mailer boxes for your products.


Corrugated Boxes vs. Rigid Boxes

When we compare corrugated material with rigid material, we have a clear difference in strength. We consider corrugated material to be robust, but when it comes to rigid material it is stronger than the corrugated cardboard. As mentioned above, the rigid stock is made of multi-layered cardboard and chipboard; these boxes can work better than corrugated boxes.